Improving outcomes and increasing patient rentention for Chiropractors

Patient10 is a flexible, quick and simple check in for your patients
providing them with continued support outside of the consulting room

Transform your client's experience

Our cloud based platform and mobile app is quick and simple to use whilst bringing you and your patients a range of benefits


Provide continued support and advice outside appointments, with little additional overhead.

Improved patient outcomes

Providing patients with goals and regular streching and activites helps maintain patient well being between appointments.

Powerful Analysis

Review and track patient data individually or across your practice to track success and areas for improvement.

Increased repeat business

Extending your service beyond the consultation room increases retention rates and repeat business.

Designed for you and your patients

It takes a matter of seconds to get up and running
Check-in & Updates

When your patient's update is due they will recieve an SMS reminding them to take 10 minutes to answer some targeted questions or perform an activity. There is no app to install, and our web app can be branded and is available on all mobile platforms.

and easy to use

Your patient spends just a few minutes answering questions or performing streches or exercises specified in the check-in. This regular cadence ensures your patient continues to engage with their treatment outside of the consultation room.


By attaching reference materials, uploading video or linking to online content you provide a rich suite of tools for your patient, bringing your skills from the consultation room right to their home.

To provide quick feedback

Providing feedback and advice when needed takes just a minute or two per patient. You can also easily track conditions using our graphical analysis tools to chart changes over time, which can be reviewed with the patient at their next appointment.